The People of Regenerating Tottenville

I see these changes everywhere, in the shops and I hear it among the people I have known for a long time too…there is a sense of lawlessness. I just think we have lost so much by not having any kind of organization or unification, someone looking out for us. If we can connect now with people who can pull us into the future I think we will be a better community for it
— LINDA CUTLER HAUCK, Tottenville Historian
Overall you have to look at the big picture. We are a community. Sometimes you have to look beyond what directly affects you and see how it can be beneficial in the long run to everyone else.
The plans have always been to create connectivity from Conference House Park Visitor’s Center all along the shoreline to Page Avenue so people can utilize it more fully.
— JOHN PISTILLI, Civic Leader
The oysters they are going to plant on the breakwaters will create a habitat for the fish. They are great filterers and will make a recreational environment that all of us can enjoy.
— JOHN MALIZIA, Sport Fisherman